SharpCell – The best thing that can happen to wood

Yes, that’s a bold statement. But we also truly believe in it. We provide materials and solutions which bring greater convenience to your business. We are at your service, ready to develop new solutions. After all, we are SharpCell.

Modern and flexible technology

SharpCell is a Finnish family company. The consistent quality of our airlaid materials makes it easy to convert to end products. Our modern and flexible production technology allows individually tailored qualities at competitive prices.

Our modern airlaid material production facility is located in Kausala, South Eastern Finland. Kausala is about an hour drive from Helsinki Airport with excellent transport connections to the main export harbors of Finland.

What if you could work or do an internship with us?

Feel free to contact us the way you prefer. You can fill out a form, call us or send an informal application via email. The choice is yours.

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