Certified and sustainable quality

SharpCell products are food safe and biodegradable. The airlaid paper comes from responsibly managed forests, and SharpCell products do not irritate the  skin.

Certificates used by SharpCell products

ISO 9001 is a documented quality system that ensures the high quality of processes and products.


Download certificate: ISO 9001:2015


Download certificate: standards

When choosing a product made from FSC certified material, you can be sure that the product has originated from responsibly managed forests. At the same time, you support biodiversity and the rights of indigenous people.


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With PEFC certification, we can prove that the forests our raw materials come from are managed in an ecologically, socially, economically and culturally sustainable way.


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The compostability of our products has been ensured to meet the requirements of the EN-13432 standard by DIN CERTCO.


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ISEGA certification ensures that the product is suitable and safe for contact with food. For example, the ISEGA certificate guarantees that the fish or meat can be wiped with our paper before being put in the oven.


Download certificate: 58727 U 23 (original, german)


Download certificate: 58727 U 23 (translated)

Dermatest certification ensures that the product does not irritate the skin.


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The Nordic Swan label confirms that the product has been made with low emissions, saving nature and energy and following sustainable principles.


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